02/22/2012 02:04 pm ET

'Sh*t People Don't Say In LA,' Video Features David Spade & Tommy Lee

Just when we thought this video meme had gasped its last breath, it comes back -- with a twist. The film is a collection of things that Angelenos would never say or admit, like "I'll be there early because there's literally no traffic," or "He's full-bred. I would never buy a rescue."

Like the "Sh*t Girls Say" film that started it all, "Sh*t People Don't Say In LA" features celebrity cameos. David Spade, Tommy Lee and Kevin Farley all make appearances in the video, and they're not afraid to poke fun at some very private shortcomings.

"Yeah, I'm a comedian. But I don't have any plans to start a podcast," says Farley. In fact, the comedic actor is the host of the "Farley Bros. Radio" podcast described as a "confab of all things Farley."

Rocker Tommy Lee takes off his shirt while saying, "Hey listen. Before we f*ck, just an FYI, I've got a ton of diseases." In 2002, ex-wife Pamela Anderson accused Lee of giving her Hepatitis C.

And when David Spade receives a compliment on his car, he responds, "Thanks! I got it because I have a tiny d*ck!" Spade's not afraid to poke fun at his package; probably because a former squeeze once squealed about his size and had only good things to say.

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