02/22/2012 12:17 pm ET

Simulated Mars Mission To Study 'Menu Fatigue,' Find Best Meals For Astronauts

Though it is unanimously known that space food is not the tastiest cuisine available, it nevertheless tends to fascinate many individuals, if for nothing else than the exotic factor. After all, we all wanted to be astronauts when we were growing up, but that dream disappeared for most of us. For those that have not let the dream fade, this may be your chance -- sort of.

Researchers from Cornell University and University of Hawaii-Manoa are looking for six volunteers to live in a simulated Mars base located in Hawaii's lava fields. There, the volunteers will eat a range of astronaut food, in an effort to assist NASA with menu planning for an upcoming Mars mission (about six months travel each way, plus two years on the planet).

The researchers hope to determine "the lowest-cost and easiest ways to give astronauts well-rounded meals without inducing menu fatigue." In other words, these half dozen volunteers will be the guinea pigs to figure out what food is worth giving real astronauts.

It's not just all about the food though. The volunteers will really have to simulate living in space and will wear space suits anytime they venture outdoors.

If going to space without actually going to space sounds like something you'd be interested in, applications are due February 29 and can be found here.