7-Eleven Headed For Major New York City Expansion

Despite recent, reassuring statistics indicating chains were actually spreading more slowly in New York City, 7-Eleven is determined to reverse the trend with new plans to open 14 stores in just 2012. Even worse, the mega-chain will rapidly increase its presence with 20 locations a year for the next five years.

According to Crain's, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Upper East Side, and already chain-infested midtown are on the roadmap to fall victim to 7-Eleven's neighborhood expansions till 2017.

Vice president of real estate at 7-Eleven insisted, "Between the number of folks living in Manhattan, coupled with the worker population, there's significant demand and opportunity."

Really? When EV Grieve posted news of the chain's new East Village outpost, commentors and neighborhood residents lambasted 7-Eleven's arrival saying, "It's official, 7-Eleven's are the new bedbugs." Another succinctly lamented, "the horror, the horror."

Perhaps even more disturbingly, 7-Eleven's city-wide expansion may also include "working with existing bodega owners to persuade them to transform their businesses into 7-Elevens." Sort of like asking Joe's Pizza to volunteer to become a Pizza Hut.

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