02/23/2012 04:25 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

How To Make Homemade Corn Tortillas

If you love to cook and you enjoy Mexican food, chances are you've made a few (hundred) tacos in your kitchen. Most likely, those tacos were made with store-bought flour or corn tortillas.

And while there's nothing really wrong with this, and for the unknowing taster they're positively delicious, these tortillas pale in comparison to the flavor of a freshly made one.

When corn tortillas are made fresh they're no longer just a vehicle for getting taco filling to your mouth. No, they become an important part of your overall meal. It makes sense that some Mexican dishes call for nothing more than corn tortilla and a fiery sauce; freshly made tortillas are totally worthy of being the main course.

You might be thinking that one of the reasons you like making tacos is because it takes only minutes to put together, or that it's too challenging to make your own tortillas. But this just isn't the case. Don't let the video above deter you; it depicts the traditional method in which corn tortillas were made -- and we at Kitchen Daily feel that there's always something to learn from tried-and-true traditional methods. But, rest assured, it isn't the way tortillas are made in most home kitchens anymore.

Making tortillas at home is a simple affair. It's just a matter of mixing masa harina (corn flour) and water, shaping the dough and cooking it in a hot pan. The process can literally take less than 10 minutes. And the superior taste is well worth that extra effort. If you have a tortilla press, you can make fresh ones in even less time. But if not, you can roll them out as easily as you would a basic pie crust. And once you've had a taste of a "real" tortilla, you'll never turn back -- and you'll start turning your nose up at the store-bought variety.

For a step-by-step tutorial in making homemade corn tortillas, watch the video below. You'll see how quick and easy it can be.

WATCH: An Easier Way To Make Corn Tortillas