02/23/2012 10:33 am ET

Nancy Pelosi, Stephen Colbert Strike Deal On DISCLOSE Act (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi and Stephen Colbert have a deal.

The House Minority Leader will encourage her members to appear on the comedian's "Better Know A District" series, and the comedian will support the DISCLOSE Act, which would make campaign finance more transparent.

The negotiation transpired when the California congresswoman appeared on "The Colbert Report" Wednesday.

"Can we make a deal?" asked Colbert.

"Anything," replied Pelosi.

"This DISCLOSE Act, is it important to you?"

"Yes, it's very important."

"If I throw my weight behind the DISCLOSE Act, if I support DISCLOSE Act, will you encourage the Democratic members of the House of Representatives to do my ‘Better Know a District’ series?" asked Colbert.

Pelosi immediately stretched out her arm and said, "It's a deal." The two shook hands.

Pelosi had previously created a web video titled "Stop Colbert," jokingly assailing the comedian's super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and touting her support for the DISCLOSE Act.

Colbert and Pelosi, both Catholics, discussed birth control, with Colbert saying that he stood with GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum on the issue. "I respect what Mr. Santorum thinks and believes for himself,” she said. “I think that it would be wise for the gentleman to understand -- maybe they need a lesson in the birds and the bees or whatever it is. There has to be another way."

Prior to Pelosi's appearance, the comedian played a past clip of an exchange between the two in which Pelosi said she wouldn't come on his show.

The comedian also jabbed San Francisco, which Pelosi represents, saying that the 1906 earthquake marked the last time "anyone could afford to live there without six roommates."