02/23/2012 06:59 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2012

The NBA All-Star Game's Most Memorable Dunks (VIDEO)

Since its inception at the American Basketball Association's 1976 All-Star game [later reintroduced in 1984 as the NBA Slam Dunk Contest] , the slam dunk contest has become a fan favorite amongst sports fanatics. Since Julius Erving's inaugural win, some of the world's most talented ballers have showcased gravity-defying moves that have redefined the game of basketball.

In celebration of this year's annual All-Star weekend in Orlando, HuffPost Black Voices has decided to take a retrospective look at 10 of the most memorable dunks in the history of the contest. Feel free to vote for your favorite below or voice your opinion on the best dunks.


NBA All-Star Game's Most Memorable Dunks