02/23/2012 06:13 pm ET

Prada Ombre Hair Makes It Official: Dip-Dyed Is Back -- Or, Still Here (PHOTOS)

Oh, ombre hair.

It swept through the fashion set and down through average hometown salons with an intensity not seen since The Rachel (at least that's how it felt). Suddenly everyone and her blogger friend had the dip-dyed tresses, with dark roots fading to every shade of golden blonde on every stylish head.

But somewhere along the line, we lost track: was ombre still new? Was it trendy anymore? Was it so dated you didn't want to be caught dead with a two-toned head?

Just when we were sadly contemplating giving up our own fading ombre style, Prada came and swiftly rescued us. At the Italian fashion house's Fall 2012 show in Milan today, Miuccia Prada styled her models with extreme dye jobs, with pin-straight hair fading from deep brown to bleached blonde.

Against the vibrant prints and orange-tinted smoky eyes, the bold hair popped... and made it official: ombre hair is back. Or still here. Whatever. We're keeping ours.

Check out the Prada girls as well as our favorite ombre'd celebs. Do you ombre?

Ombre hair