02/23/2012 06:28 am ET Updated Apr 24, 2012

'Royal Pains' Finale: Could This Be The End Of HankMed? (VIDEO)

Hank spent much of this third season finale in a very dark place on "Royal Pains" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on USA). After struggling for months to try and help a patient who'd become a friend, the patient passed away. Hank found himself both in mourning and angry that Jack seemed to take his illness lightly and proposed treatment plans so flippantly.

But Jack lived and died the way he wanted to, and finally Hank had to come to peace with that and accept his friend as he was. It wasn't easy, but things finally seemed to come together when he and his friends teed up in honor of Jack. Hank even managed to hit a ball properly in the moment. It would have been a positive and happy moment to end the season on. Had the show not been picked up already for a fourth season, it may have ended that way. But it did get picked up, and it didn't end that way.

While Hank was dealing with his grief in his own way, Evan was exploring expansions on the business side of HankMed. For one, he was working with Boris' cousin on utilizing some fancy new technologies from abroad. Divya didn't know Hank hadn't signed off on one of these tools when she used it to great success. But when Hank found out, it didn't go over well at all. As he often does, he simply pulled rank on Evan, arguing that he was the doctor and so his word was final.

But Evan suddenly realized that because he'd recently bought Divya's third of the business to help her out of her financial bind, he was now the majority owner of the company. That made him the boss. Not the best time to drop this second bombshell, as Hank promptly quit the company, leaving Even without a doctor and Hank without a job.

Sure, it was an impulsive and angry move, but that didn't stop both men from immediately trying to move forward on this new and uncertain path. Even reached out to Dr. Van Dyke while Hank went straight to Jill's door. What will happen next?

Find out when "Royal Pains" returns for its fourth season on USA, as yet unscheduled.

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