02/23/2012 01:40 pm ET

Syria Crisis: The Siege Of Homs (VIDEO)

For the past 20 days, the city of Homs has been the target of a relentless assault by Syrian security forces. Bombs and shells have rained down on civilian neighborhoods in the city, killing hundreds.

Channel 4 aired rare footage detailing the horrors of a city under siege. A French photojournalist identified only as 'Mani' snuck into Homs twice, staying with both civilians and rebel fighters of the Free Syrian Army. His footage shows dozens of people killed by government shells, children speaking about their deceased relatives, long lines for bread, makeshift hospitals, and urban guerrilla warfare in its most merciless form.

In an interview with Channel 4, Mani described the situation in Homs as extremely dire. "They have big difficulties to find food now in districts like Baba Amr because the regular army is surrounding the whole district and forbidding anyone to get in. For them, even to bring food, is now an issue,' Mani said.

The photographer told France24 that he feels the "security forces are spreading fear everywhere and it is clear that they are targeting civilians deliberately."

Syrian security forces have pounded Homs with artillery shells for nearly three weeks. According to Reuters, tanks pushed into the Baba Amr neighborhood of the city on Thursday. "Explosions are shaking the whole of Homs. God have mercy," Abdallah al-Hadi told Reuters from the city.

Activists echo Mani's statements that parts of the city are running out of supplies. Omar Shaker, a Homs-based activist, told the Associated press food that, water and medical supplies are running "dangerously low" in the city's Baba Amr neighborhood.

Reuters reports that the army is blocking medical supplies to parts of the city, and electricity is cut off 15 hours a day.