02/23/2012 12:08 pm ET

'The Wild Heart' Video Takes 'A Journey Through The Southwest Wilderness' (VIDEO)

Your last vacation may seem like a blur, but try keeping up with this time lapse.

"The Wild Heart - A Journey through the Southwest Wilderness" from Henry Jun Wah Lee and Evosia Studios takes the viewer on a mesmerizing trip through the American Southwest, with stops at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Monument Valley and several other natural wonders of the Southwest.

According to the video's creators, "The Wild Heart" features "No special effects. No composites. No CGI. Just the beauty of nature captured through the lens of the camera."

Despite the video's incredible visuals, life at normal speed near the Southwest is not always as awe-inspiring. Rice farmers in three Texas counties -- representing "35 to 45 percent" of the state's rice acreage -- may not receive irrigation water this spring, according to the Associated Press.

In northern Mexico, a gray wolf reintroduction program just south of the U.S. border is off to a rough start. Four of the five wolves released in October have died from poisoning. According to AP, the wolves tested postive for warfarin, "a blood thinner that's commonly used in rat poison and pesticide," but it is not known whether they were intentionally poisoned.

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