02/24/2012 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Inside Architectural Digest's Oscar's Green Room At The 2012 Academy Awards (PHOTO)

Architectural Digest tapped interior designer Waldo Fernandez to create the Oscar's green room for the 2012 Academy Awards. It's everything you would pretty much expect of an Oscar's greenroom -- soft mood lighting, sexy gray backdrop, plush sofas and leather armchairs. (For those who might not be familiar with the greenroom, it's a resting area just off the stage for actors and actresses to retreat to when they need some privacy off camera.)

Fernandez, who is a go-to decorator for many celebrities, was particularly inspired by Hollywood in the 1930s and '40s for this year's greenroom. To be specific, Fernandez took a page from the home of director George Cukor, which was the work of legendary designer Billy Haines. Cukor was known to throw some of the most glamorous Hollywood parties back in the day, and a hint of that old glamour shines through in Fernandez's greenroom.

But all things aside, Fernandez ultimately wanted the room to be a comfortable haven and escape for all the winning stars come Sunday. So, in addition to an outdoor terrace that's just off the main room, there will also be a custom-made bar that will be serving champagne inside the greenroom for the first time ever. Now, that's glamour we'll drink to.

Photo: Roger Davies for Architectural Digest.