02/24/2012 11:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

IPhone 5 Concept: We Wish Apple Would Make It Like This (PICTURE)

Remember when the iPhone 4S launched and many were disappointed that it didn't feature the radical redesign that had long been rumored? Wouldn't it be awesome if Apple pulled out all the design stops on the next iPhone and introduced a device that satisfied even the pickiest aesthete?

We have not way of knowing what's in store, but we can definitely dream. And in our current dreams, the next iPhone looks something like Federico Ciccarese's imaginative new concept images. With smooth, rounded edges; a cool, backlit Apple logo; and a sleek teardrop design, Ciccarese's creation would certainly make for a gorgeous iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple decides to call it).

The Italian designer's mock-up showcases a shape drastically different from past iPhones. Aside from being much thinner, the design's back is curved and tapers off at the top and bottom, reminiscent of Apple's Magic Mouse. The headphone jack is located on the side (rather than on the top), and the camera has been nudged to the middle, right above the glowing Apple logo.

The design is quite interesting, but it's unlikely the iPhone 5 will look anything like this when it's finally released -- perhaps even as early as this summer, according to 9to5Mac.

Take a look at Federico Ciccarese's deign:

It seems more likely that the next iPhone will look like an earlier iPhone design by CiccareseDesign. The firm was hired by MacRumors last summer to create a virtual model of the long-awaited iPhone based on leaked specs. Even if it never came to fruition, it was and still is a beautiful image.

See Ciccarese's concept from last year:

Unfortunately, until the new iPhone is finally launched, the most we can do is keep dreaming about what it will look like. Check out a few more pictures of Ciccarese's cool new iPhone concept in the slideshow (below). In the comments section, tell us what new features you'd like the next iPhone to have.

CiccareseDesign's iPhone 5 Concept