02/24/2012 11:19 am ET

Kyle Dyer, Recovering After Dog Bite On Face During On-Air Segment, Describes Horrific Accident, Triumphant Recovery

It has only been two weeks since 9News anchor Kyle Dyer was bit on the face by an 85-pound Argentine mastiff dog during a live on-air segment. As of last weekend, the dog has returned home from being impounded and, as of Friday, after two reconstructive surgeries that left her mouth sewn shut for a week and a half, Dyer is finally able to speak again, The Denver Post reports.

In an interview with her fellow 9News anchor Gary Shapiro, Dyer speaks candidly about the accident, "I didn't realize the extent of the injury. I knew it was bad when my lips didn't touch anymore. I realized all the blood -- the top part of my lip here was gone."

In early February, after the accident occurred, Dyer needed 70 stitches for her lips and nose. Her mouth was stitched shut to let a skin graft take and so blood could circulate in her lips again. On Monday, Dyer received a second surgery and given 20 new stitches that doctors intend to remove today.

But, Dyer's injury may never fully heal. She told 9News that it could be "six months, or never" to get the feeling back. And she has not made any immediate decisions on when she will return to to the air, but she says she will return.

On Feb. 8, Dyer was injured during an on-air segment with the dog's owner and the firefighter that rescued the dog from icy Smith Reservoir in Lakewood the day before. Dyer was petting the dog on the head and then got close to its face when it lunged toward her and bit her.

Dyer, remaining optimistic throughout this ordeal, was quoted on 9News Facebook page as saying, "Everything is going to be OK." We certainly hope so, get well soon, Kyle.