02/24/2012 04:42 pm ET

La Toya Jackson And Wendy Williams Spar Over Joe Jackson Cologne, 'X Factor' Judge Speculation (VIDEO)

La Toya Jackson had a few bones to pick with Wendy Williams, and she let her know about it as soon as she sat down for an interview Friday on "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays on Fox). "I am so upset with you by the way ... I heard what you said about my father," La Toya said.

Wendy feigned surprise as the audience gasped, but it was clear she knew exactly what La Toya was talking about. Wendy had been ridiculing Joe Jackson for selling a Michael Jackson-inspired cologne at a kiosk in a Las Vegas mall. But rather than apologizing or backing off, Wendy brought up a picture of him doubled-down on the ridicule. "There's the kiosk, and your dad sits there on a folding chair all day, and I'm just feeling like, if it's a Jackson thing, you'd think it'd be bigger," she quipped.

La Toya defended her dad. "He did have a big opening and I guess the next day he decided to go out and sit there. So if your dad wanted to do a cologne and he was doing one anyway and then he named it 'Legend' after you, you would say, 'Dad, that's okay, I don't mind.' Michael wouldn't have minded at all, he really wouldn't have," she protested.

"Daddy, I would mind," Williams shot back, drawing laughter from the audience.

La Toya then aired her second grievance, that Wendy had dissed her musical knowledge when talking about rumors that LaToya's sister Janet might become a judge on "The X Factor." "You said, 'Oh, La Toya would make a great judge but La Toya doesn't know music.' Now what makes you think I don't know music?" She went on to list her musical resume. "I wrote a song that was nominated for a Grammy, for Jimmy Cliff, 'Raggae Nights,' and then in '85, I won for 'Cliffhanger,' his album."

"Who knew?!" Williams replied, as the audience cheered the conclusion of a solid sparring match.

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