02/25/2012 04:08 pm ET

Movie Versus Book: Oscar Nominee 'War Horse'

For each of this year's six Academy Award-nominated films that began as paperbound stories, we've found one reviewer who has only read the book, and one reviewer who has only seen the movie. We asked them about characters, plot points and dramatic moments to see how one differs from the other, and to try and ascertain which is more worthy of your time.

So far, we've checked out "Moneyball," "The Descendants" and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." Today, we'll take a look at "War Horse."

This movie seems to have resulted in the greatest departure from the book it was based on. The novel's protagonist is the horse, Joey, who hopes to return one day to the farm he came from. The movie's main focus is on Alfred, the horses' owner, and his mission to reunite with the animal. Though the plot and dramatic moments vary, both our Moviefone team and our reader, Art Aston, give the story four out of four stars.

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