02/24/2012 02:40 pm ET

Occupy Cape Cod Targets Foreclosure Auction

Vacation destination Cape Cod may seem like a bizarre place for an Occupy protest, but that didn't stop demonstrators from rallying in the area known for beaches and lobster.

A group of protesters gathered outside a foreclosed home that was being auctioned off earlier this week to demonstrate against foreclosures that they argue were the result of the 2008 financial crisis, according to the Cape Cod Times. But despite the protest, the auctioneers still found a buyer; a bank bought the house for slightly more than $200,000.

As the Occupy movement has largely left Zuccotti park and some of the other public spaces protesters initially occupied, the group has turned to different tactics including targeting foreclosed homes. Protesters traveled to East New York, Brooklyn in December as part of the Occupy Our Homes campaign -- an aim to move homeless families into the area's dearth of foreclosed houses.

Earlier this month Occupy protesters in Nashville started an online petition to help keep Helen Bailey, a Civil Rights Era activist, from losing her home. Bailey ultimately reached a confidential agreement with her lender, JPMorgan Chase that will allow her to stay in the home until she dies, according to the activists.

Tuesday's protest indicates that Occupiers in Cape Cod are relatively aligned with other activists across the country. But others in Massachusetts' vacation destinations may be using the Occupy name in vain. Vineyard Vines, purveyor of preppy clothing known for capturing the Martha's Vineyard style, made an Occupy t-shirt earlier this month that critics argued mocked the movement.