02/24/2012 04:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Restore Our Future Attacks Rick Santorum In New Ad

Mitt Romney's allied Super PAC Restore Our Future released a new ad attacking former Sen. Rick Santorum as the date for the primary elections in Michigan and Arizona moves closer. The ad targets Santorum for supporting the restoration of voting rights to felons who have served their terms, voting to raise the debt ceiling and voting for earmarks -- all issues the super PAC has hit him on before.

Ad transcript:

MALE VOICEOVER: With your values, how would you have voted?

Would you have voted to let convicted violent felons to regain the right to vote? Rick Santorum voted yes joining Hillary Clinton.

Increase the debt limit 5 times adding $3 trillion in debt? Santorum voted yes.

Billions in wasteful pork including the Bridge to Nowhere. Santorum voted yes and says he's proud of these votes.

More than 20 years in Washington changed Santorum's values.