02/27/2012 07:57 am ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Science Meets Style: What Futuristic Fashion Says About Our Culture (PHOTOS)

In my little bubble that is the world of science, I'm exposed to geek culture on a daily basis. My personal style is more reminiscent of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory than Stella McCartney or Betsy Johnson. I change my glasses as often as I change my t-shirt. Even my tattoos reflect my nerdiness, from a fossil of Archaeopteryx lithographica on my forearm to a Carl Sagan quote on my ribs.

So when I had an opportunity to attend the Ports 1961 show at the famed New York Public Library for New York Fashion Week, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to relate to the looks on the runway. What do I know about high fashion? But after the first model breezed past me, I realized that scientific, futuristic thought is alive and well in the world of fashion.

When science meets style, it goes beyond the superficial. A self-expression that embodies a drive for human innovation can say a lot about our culture as a whole. Back in the sixties--during the space race--we had a national hunger for progress and looked to the future in all aspects of life. Since then, we have moved in a completely different direction, away from the wonder and the mystery of the universe at large. I commend designers like Fiona Cibani for capturing the essence of the scientifically curious and showing us that when science meets style, we can be inspired in ways we never thought possible.

Click through the images below to see more examples of "science fashion."


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