02/24/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

What Are Your Unusual Home Habits? (PHOTOS)

One look at the countless home blogs out there and you'll quickly see that there are no hard and fast rules to live by when it comes to the matters of the home. There's no absolute way to arrange your furniture or clean your dishes (though often times, we want to think our way is best). In most cases, we've mostly picked up our home habits from our parents, roommates, and other people we've lived with. But, have you ever taken a moment to consider why you do something this way? Does it ever surprise you how peculiar that method may seem to outsiders? It did for us!

In fact, the Stylelist Home and Stylelist team (along with a few of our friends) shared their unusual habits with each other, and we were pretty amused by some of our colleagues' habits. However, it was interesting to see how we came to develop such unusual routines. After all, to each their own, right?

Are you curious about the quirky habits we have in our homes? Click through the slideshow below, and don't forget to add your own! Just include a photo and one or two lines about your unusual home habit and where you picked it up. It could be anything from cleaning and organization methods to how you use common household items. We'd love to hear your unique point of view!