02/26/2012 11:51 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2012

Elton John's Oscar Party Fundraises For HIV/AIDS Prevention And Research

Elton John celebrated 20 years of hosting his premiere Oscar fundraising party and offered some choice words on how to advance such an initiative.

"Never rest on your laurels," John told Pop Sugar.

The event, which 900 people attended, saw some of Hollywood's biggest names, but the focus wasn't on the awards actresses won or the gowns they wore. John's party served to raise funds for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment and efforts to fighting the stigma associated with the disease, the Advocate reports.

John's advocacy efforts have raised more than $225 million for HIV/AIDS projects in 55 countries.

"We're getting bigger and bigger, which means we're raising more money," John told Pop Sugar. "And the money gets to people who actually need it."

Feeling inspired? Learn more about the Elton John AIDS Foundation here.