02/27/2012 08:12 am ET Updated Feb 28, 2012

Oprah's Book Club Fight Club: Jimmy Kimmel Pitches New Shows To Oprah On 'After the Academy Awards' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel decided to help Oprah Winfrey improve ratings at OWN by pitching her ideas for new, more exciting shows on "Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards" (Weeknights., 12 a.m. EST on ABC).

Kimmel came up with a great way to spice up Oprah's influential "Book Club," which revolutionized the world of book publishing during its 15-year run.

"Let's be honest," said Kimmel, "reading is like the most boring thing in the world, so this show takes your Book Club and gives it a twist."

Adopting the discussion format of the old Book Club, Kimmel's new and improved version -- "Oprah's Book Club Fight Club" -- added fisticuffs to the proceedings.

The first book up was "To Kill A Mockingbird," and one of the participants made the controversial declaration that the hero wasn't Atticus or Scout, "it's Tom Robinson."

"I beg to differ," said Oprah. After a brief discussion of the literary merits of his choice, she decked him with a punch in the face followed up with a vase--lamp combo. Next to take on Oprah was the guy's wife, who was floored with an almighty headbutt before the Book Club descended into an all-out melee.

For the record, who did Oprah think is the real hero of the book? "Boo Radley!" she roared.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs Weeknights., 12 a.m. EST on ABC.

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