02/27/2012 05:30 pm ET

Pinterests From Around The Nation's Capital (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- Although one study has found that 97 percent of its users are female, Pinterest isn't just for women who like to look at pretty home decor or crafts.

The site is the latest social media platform to see an explosion of users. Modeled after an online corkboard where users connect and "repin" interesting elements, Pinterest functions mostly as a photo-sharing tool. Pinners create and manage theme-based image collections on different boards.

But one area of interest might change the average perception of Pinterest's user base: local transportation.

On Monday, District Department of Transportation came clean with its new hobby:

While variety of companies and organizations aspire to have a social-media presence, DDOT wasn't a local Pinterest pioneer. Here's a short slideshow of other notable local pinners.


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