03/01/2012 09:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Andre 3000 Reveals Status Of New Outkast Album: Notable/Quotable

There's been a lot of talk on the Internet about an OutKast album and I have to say that as of now, there are no plans for another OutKast album. There's a lot of music on the horizon. I've been living off the excitement of new artists. I've been privileged to have these new artists kind of reach out and grab back and say, "Hey, Andre, we want you on this song." So I've been taking those calls and for the last two years, I've been doing collaborations. So these new artists have kind of been keeping me alive. I've just really been feeding off of that and this year I think I'm planning to do a solo project. I don't know when it will come out, but hopefully it'll come out this year. As far as OutKast, I really don't know if or when that will happen.

--Grammy Award-winning rapper-actor Andre 3000 on rumors surrounding the status of Outkast’s new album. (GQ)

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