02/28/2012 05:17 pm ET

Fallon's '80s Dating Service 'Cupid Arrow' Video Returns To 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon revisited his "discovered" '80s dating service, "Cupid's Arrow," on Monday night's episode of "Late Night." As Fallon explains, the show's studio was once used for a video dating service. What's a video dating service, you may ask? Imagine your parents hooking up through this before OK Cupid was invented. (On second thought, don't imagine your parents hooking up at all.)

Once again, we hear testimonials from the colorfully-named James Spadge, Chiz Dippler, Brustin Pauch, Albert Manfield, Gary Chutch and the first-name-only Latin heartthrob Jose, the lead singer of the band Crisp. Any resemblance to Fallon or other "Late Night" usual suspects Steve Higgins, A.D. Miles and Bashir Salahuddin are purely coincidental.

The "Cupid's Arrow" videos are directed by Fallon writer Dan Opsal, and they always impress us with their excellent recreation of the '80s VHS aesthetic. If NBC is going to live in the past, Fallon's show is the only one smart enough to do something smart with it.