Legbombing: Artists Go Nuts With Angie's Right Leg

By now, most of you have heard about Angelina Jolie's awkward right leg thrust at the Oscars on Sunday, which spawned a Twitter account with 35,000 viewers. Why did this pose happen? And more important, how many of you decided to Photoshop the leg into hundreds (if not thousands) of weird photos in a practice now known as "legbombing?"

BuzzFeed featured an insane number of these leggy new mashups already today, and we're sure there's no end in sight now that Pininterest is on board.

Image from mercybuckets

We now have the "Calgary Edition" of legbombing. (Yes, it involves hockey.) You can see Jolie's leg with the Statue of Liberty and Darth Vader; it is even featured in "Napoleon Crossing The Alps," the iconic painting by Jacques-Louis David. The gam has also made us consider Whistler's Mother in a whole new light.

A slideshow of some leggy art is below. What's been your favorite art version of Jolie's leg so far?