02/29/2012 08:08 pm ET

Boy's Pirate Flag Banned By English District Council

Anthony Steele loves to play pirates in his backyard, but the black flag aboard his "ship" is stirring up trouble with an English town's district council.

Officials from the East Lindsey District Council urged the 7-year-old's family to take down the flag, citing that it "breaches advertising regulations," the Lincolnshire reports.

But mother Sara Steele says her son, who has Asperger's syndrome and enjoys playing pirates, doesn't understand why the flag is under fire.

"He keeps asking me why we have to take it down, and I don't even understand why myself," Metro reports.

The Sun obtained a copy of the letter sent to Steele and her partner Ronnie Ford-Kennedy. The notice contains the following warning:

"I would inform you that it is an offence, prosecutable in the Magistrates' Court, to display an advert without consent to do so from the Council."

The skull and crossbones flag is currently hanging from a fishing pole, but the family says another flag flew in its place for three years and didn't cause any trouble.

The family raised the issue with a council representative, who said the district permits flags of any nationality, but that the Jolly Roger wasn't allowed, according to the Lincolnshire.

Steele said she planned on replacing the flag, but said she was still concerned her son's feelings.

"If it just affected me I would not be bothered but this is going to affect a little boy," she told the news organization.