02/29/2012 07:45 pm ET

'Jersey Shore's' The Unit On The Situation's Sexuality, Snooki's Weight, A Spinoff And More

This season on "Jersey Shore," Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's best friend "The Unit" showed up and stirred things up in a big way. According to The Situation, The Unit knows the truth about what really happened between Sitch and Snooki -- which could cause major tension between Snooks and her mini-juicehead Jionni.

The Unit disappeared on a trip to Miami for a while, but he's back in this week's episode. The Huffington Post caught up with The Unit who shared his thoughts on everything from the gay rumors about The Situation to Snooki's weight loss to whether he will be heading towards a spinoff.

Let me start with the question everyone must be asking you -- did Snooki hook up with Mike?
That's a question I'm not answering right now, because I'm not the type of guy who likes to ruin the movie before the end of it.

What's Mike like in real life? Is he like how he's presented on the show?
He's not at all. He's a guy with a huge heart. He's super generous. He's the type of guy who you go to the club with, then back to the hotel and he'll order room service for everybody. And by everybody, I mean like everybody on the whole floor, everything on the menu. Just like you see on the show, he gives the girls clothes. He's a lot smarter than a lot of people probably think he is. He always stirs something up because it's good TV, really. When you're in a house with people for so long you're eventually going to get on people's nerves anyways, you know? He keeps it real and a lot of people can't handle the truth.

I know Snooki and J-Woww recently implied that The Situation is gay in an interview. What's your take on that? Why do you think they said that?
That's ridiculous. If he's gay, then he would be covering up on a huge basis for many, many years. That's ridiculous. There's absolutely zero truth to that, and I know that firsthand.

Why do you think they would say it?
'Cause they don't like him! It's obvious. They hate Mike. I mean, Snooki said Mike was broke. We could go to the bank and back up the fact that he's not broke. We can't exactly go in his pants and back up that he's straight. Snooki is obviously saying anything that she can to try to get under his skin. They're straight-up lying at this point.

What's it like filming the show?
It's very fun. For myself, when you know the cameras are on you, you just try to perform your best and try to be funny and you forget that the cameras are there. Some people get uncomfortable and some people get more outlandish. To each their own.

Is any of it staged?
In my experience, I've never seen anything staged.

Like any reality show, it's putting people into a situation that isn't a real situation, because these people wouldn't necessarily have met if it weren't for the show. Once they're put in that situation, they just let 'em do their thing. Like they say, there's nothing as interesting as the truth. If you want to make up a story to try to sound cool or funny, nine times out of 10 the truth is always gonna make you sound cooler or funnier anyway, if you're a funny or cool person.

How has your life changed since you've been on the show?
My life has changed a lot. I went from going with Mike to his club appearances and living in relative obscurity. I mean, I had my little fan base and people knew me from travelling with Mike and from the fitness DVD and whatnot, but it went to me doing a countrywide tour of club appearances, gaining a hell of lot of fans and follower, and being recognized when I go to places, pretty much monetizing -- being able to take advantage of my skill set.

I have a wide knowledge of fitness, and I really would love to share all of my fitness with particularly the young people out there. I think fitness is such a rock in my life and the thing that has allowed me to have the confidence to allow me to do anything I wanted to do, because there's a certain level of confidence that comes along with being in fantastic shape and looking better. As well, as you know, I have a few music projects that are coming out, which are more of a fun thing. The fitness is a passion. I think I've found my way on this Earth, and that's to share fitness and help kids build confidence.

A lot of people have been talking about Snooki's weight loss. Did you and Mike help her get in shape?
No, absolutely not. That was her thing on her own, however she did that. I know she was endorsing a dietary supplement or whatever that was. However she did that, good for her.

Are we going to see your girlfriend [adult film star Amia Miley] on any episodes?
You know what, she was on a few episodes already. She was in the episode where I get kicked out of the club. She was next to Mike during the fight with the bouncer. She pops out. Her fans recognized her, and my fans that have become her fans recognized her.

Do you think we'll ever see a spin-off show about you and Mike?
You never know what the future has to hold! There's been talk of it. I'm just looking at all of the options that are ahead of me, and I'm going to pick and choose the best ones. I always love to do anything with Mike. We'll see what happens.

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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