02/29/2012 04:08 pm ET

Park Slope Food Coop Meeting Hilariously Live Tweeted By Chadwick Matlin

Senior Reuters Opinion Editor Chadwick Matlin attended the monthly meeting of the Park Slope Food Coop Tuesday night. At 7:26PM, he tweeted, "I wasn't going to, but it's too good not to tweet. The park slop food coop meeting has begun."

Thus started two-plus hours of live-tweeting that reads like a script to Portlandia: a PSA about plastic bags based on "The Artist," talk of "fascist food," a lot of good intentions, and a lot of passive aggression.

Hopefully Matlin, who's a member of the Coop, will live tweet next month's meeting--sure to be a real barnburner-- when they will vote on whether to have a vote on an Israeli food ban.

Take a look at a sampling below and for a fuller account, head on over to The Awl.