02/29/2012 06:21 am ET Updated Apr 30, 2012

President Obama Flips The Script On Republicans On 'Key & Peele' (VIDEO)

Jordan Peele's impression of President Barack Obama is becoming one of the most recognized and lauded in popular media. It's no wonder it's become a recurrent character on his new sketch comedy show with fellow "MadTV" alum Keegan-Michael Key, "Key & Peele" (Tue., 10:30 p.m. EST on Comedy Central). To this point, the character had been used with Key in the role of his anger translator Luther. But this week, they went a more traditional sketch route, flexing the possibilities for political satire with their take on Obama.

This sketch spotlighted the notion that Republicans are almost blindly determined to reject everything President Obama proposes, and disagree with him on everything. So Obama used that to his advantage, instead pushing the Republican agenda to the leaders of the Republican party. They couldn't help but disagree with him, without paying any attention to what he was saying.

Despite their best efforts, they were so committed to disagreeing with him that they found themselves rejecting his ideas to make government smaller, to eliminate taxation on the wealthy, and to deport undocumented workers. While the Republican leaders found themselves disagreeing with him by rote, they grew more and more horrified at what was happening that they tried cutting off their tongues and even committing suicide to avoid disagreeing with more of their own party's platforms.

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