02/29/2012 05:01 pm ET

Detroit Red Bull Leap Off Renaissance Center Tower 4 Cancelled

Time for Detroiters to start counting down to Feb. 29, 2016.

On a blustery Wednesday in the Motor City, wings alone weren't enough to save the Red Bull Air Force's daredevil Leap Day stunt, a highly anticipated BASE jump from the top of the Ren Cen.

Detroit was set to take part in a four-city coordinated jump planned for Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the Leap Year, with participants here, in Miami, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J.

But Detroit parachutist Jon Devore's descent from the Renaissance Center's Tower 4 was delayed due to poor weather conditions that included 15 mph winds, according to the Free Press. To the disappointment of a crowd braving the rain in hats and jackets, the jump was called off for good around 2:30 p.m.

The jilted jumpers would have had only 571 ft., to open their parachutes and make a successful landing on the RiverFront, according to MLIve's measurements, with the total descent time lasting only 16 seconds.

According to Fox 5 in Las Vegas, the 11-member Red Bull national team holds a plethora of world records and gold medals, and has completed more than 100,000 skydives and 6,000 of the more dangerous BASE jumps -- jumping from a stationary object that is relatively low to the ground, giving jumpers only a few seconds to get their only protection -- a small parachute -- working properly. The Red Bull jump would have been the first official Ren Cen BASE jump.

Leapers in Miami, Atlantic City and Las Vegas made it back to earth safe and sound Wednesday.

Detroiters can only hope they get a makeup jump -- perhaps something leprechaun-themed for upcoming St. Patrick's Day?

Check out some successful BASE jumps below: