03/01/2012 12:12 pm ET Updated Mar 01, 2012

Man Claims To Find Animal Toe In Sabra Spinach Artichoke Dip (Mealbreakers)

Mealbreaker (n.): a nasty, non-edible surprise found in food while it is being eaten; often lawsuit-provoking, sometimes fabricated, always disgusting.

This may be the Mealbreaker of all Mealbreakers. According to Gothamist, Andrew Brodsky, 35, claims he found an unidentified animal toe in his container of Sabra Spinach & Artichoke dip at the Fairway supermarket on the Upper East Side. Brodsky's attorney, Michael Schlesinger, told Gothamist that the experience has been pretty traumatic:

"The nail of the specimen touched his tongue and he had the thing in his mouth. And it's totally, physically sickening to him." Schlesinger says that before filing the lawsuit, he reached out to Sabra to invite the company to come and inspect the specimen. "Sabra had no interest in working with us," the attorney says.

Brodsky says he hasn't been able to eat packaged foods for months.

We feel bad for Brodsky but are now totally fixated on figuring out what animal the toe (if it is, in fact, an animal toe) comes from. There have been a few guesses of "sloth," "monkey," "bird claw" and "human finger" around the office. Any further guesses?

See below for an image of the toe and all previous Mealbreakers: