03/01/2012 02:55 pm ET

Christopher Nolan Leaves CAA After Longtime Agent Was Fired

"Cobb, I'm coming with you," says Ariadne, the female protagonist of Christopher Nolan's Academy Award winning film, "Inception."

Now it looks like life is imitating art.

Nolan has left CAA, following his longtime agent Dan Aloni who was called out of a meeting and fired from the company just hours before, reports The Wrap.

The Academy Award nominated director is known for his blockbuster films like the "Batman" trilogy and "Inception." He also had great success with the cult-film favorite, "Memento." Nolan is currently work on the forthcoming Superman film, "Man of Steel."

In 2005, Dan Aloni brought Christopher Nolan to CAA after leaving UTA. Rumors are swirling that the duo is now headed to WME. No matter where they go, the Aloni/Nolan team will have a major bargaining chip -- Nolan's films have grossed over two billion dollars to date.