03/01/2012 06:17 pm ET

Don Cheadle On 'House Of Lies' Nude Scenes (VIDEO)

There was one aspect of Don Cheadle's new Showtime series "House of Lies" that Wendy Williams was anxious to discuss when he sat down on her couch: the show's many nude scenes. "It's a big deal for me," Cheadle admitted. "It's one thing when you read it in the script and it's another thing when they're going 'Alright, drop it. Let's go.'"

Wendy gave Cheadle some positive feedback. "But you have a firm behind," she assured him. Unembarrassed, Cheadle quipped, "You can bounce several coins off of it."

Cheadle isn't the only member of the "House of Lies" cast who's found the show's sex scenes uncomfortable to shoot. In an interview with HuffPost TV, Kristen Bell joked about the awkwardness of shooting a foot-sucking scene.

"That wasn't uncomfortable at all! Having an actor I just met put my foot in his mouth? No, I did not have a foot double. I'm not really into doubles for stunts or anything else, but it was as awkward as it seems to be. You know, I had just met another actor who, as per the crazy script written, needed to put my foot in his mouth. We talked about it and I washed my foot and he had a mint -- just for shits and giggles -- and we just kind of went for it. We didn't practice it at all, obviously, because: No. 1) Why would you? That's weird. No. 2) We wanted it to be realistically awkward when we did it."

The nude scenes on "House of Lies" fit right in with Showtime's lineup of risque original dramas, which includes "Shameless" and "Californication." The formula appears to be working for the network, as all three shows were renewed for additional seasons in early February.

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