03/01/2012 03:24 pm ET

Eric Nystrom Hit On Kris Letang: NHL Analysts Mike Milbury, Jeremy Roenick Argue Play (VIDEO)

Midway through the first period of the game between the Stars and Penguins on Wednesday, Pittsburgh's Kris Letang and Dallas' Eric Nystrom were both skating for the puck near the Pens' net when Nystrom delivered what looked like a shot to the head.

Letang, who has already suffered a concussion this season, immediately fell hard onto the ice while his teammates went after Nystrom for retaliation. The Penguins' defenseman was down on the ice for several minutes and did not return to the game after leaving the ice. After Pittsburgh eventually won in a shootout, Pens coach Dan Bylsma noted that Nystrom "traveled a distance to make the hit."

But was the hit illegal and should there be a suspension coming?

That's what Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick argued about on the NBC Sports Network. At one point, Milbury raised his hand to Roenick's face to demonstrate a hit to the head and it seemed as if the heated argument could even get physical.

Milbury, a former Boston Bruin, believed that Nystrom should be suspended for the hit and defended his point by rattling off a long list of NHL stars who suffered concussions this year. He also claimed that Nystrom's hit is just the sort of play that led the league to change the rules on big hits.

Roenick, however, felt that Letang put himself in a vulnerable position and wasn't even positive that he was struck in the head.

"He hit him in the chest." Roenick said, explaining that if a player gets hit in the chest his head will snap back. "You have to learn how to take a hit correctly. He had put himself in a vulnerable position. He got hit by a player who is a physical player."

What do you think? Should Nystrom be suspended? Or did Letang put himself in a position to get leveled?