03/01/2012 01:43 pm ET

'Monkees' Micky Dolenz Says 'Glee' Is The New 'Monkees' Phenomenon (VIDEO)

When the "The Monkees" premiered in 1966, the made-for-TV band turned into an overnight sensensation. They had all the elements of a pop culture phenomenon in the making, including a dashing Davy Jones. Sadly, Jones recently passed away at the age of 66.

"The Monkees" Micky Dolenz appeared on both "Today" and "Good Morning America" to remember his late friend and bandmate and look back on The Monkees phenomenon.

“It was a television show about this band that was not successful, that wanted to be the Beatles but never was on the show," Dolenz told "GMA." "It was about the struggle for success, and it spoke to all bands ... The closest thing that's come along down the pike since 'The Monkees,' I think, is 'Glee,' which is a show about an imaginary glee club, but they really are good and they can actually do it.”

If "Glee" is the new version of "The Monkees," then they're going to need bigger tour busses. TVLine's Michael Ausiello reports that the Fox comedy is currently casting a new gay character -- Chandler -- a vivacious, hunky high schooler.