'The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes': CT And Diem Have Huge Argument (VIDEO)

The entire premise of "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on MTV) is to put two people who were formerly in a relationship back together for the purpose of competing on the show. It was inevitable that sparks fly and old issues would resurface, and that's exactly what happened between CT and Diem on Wednesday night's episode.

In an argument at the bar, Diem seemed to be rapidly cycling through different emotions, shifting from defiance to love to tears to anger almost at the flip of a switch. And at every turn, CT wasn't giving her the kinds of responses she was looking for. Instead, he seemed to know exactly how to egg her on and push her buttons to push her over the edge, and was more than willing to do so.

It was easy to see the toxicity that had grown in their relationship, and why she ultimately broke up with him. But she needs to truly move on, inasmuch as she can being tethered to him for the purposes of a game show. As for that game, the challenge was infused with sexual innuendos and while CT and Diem nearly took victory, they lost in the end to Johnny and Camilla.

The latter couple sent Rachel and Aneesa to face losers Paula and Dunbar in The Dome. There, Paula and Dunbar pulled off the victory, sending Rachel and Aneesa packing. And, to ensure things are nice and tense for next week's installment, the episode ends with CT and Diem still refusing to talk to one another. Should make for a fun next challenge.

Find out as "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes" continues Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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