03/01/2012 08:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Detroit Journal, Episode 2: 'The Legend Of Lightshow Bob' (VIDEO)

This story comes to us by way of the Detroit Journal, a new short film series that tells true stories about real people in Detroit, made by Detroit natives. For bonus footage, last month's episode and a chance to share your own story, see the Detroit Journal website.

On average, It takes him almost five hours to set up for a show. But every moment of lugging light racks, untangling wires, and screwing in bulbs is worth it for the man known as Lightshow Bob. It's an inexplicable passion. Working construction by day and raging on the Lightar by night, Lightshow Bob is possibly one of Detroit's greatest and most underground characters.

In its second installment, the Detroit Journal explores the world of the man who's about to take live music lighting to the next level.