03/02/2012 09:11 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Design Inspiration: Inside The Sutton Clock Shop (VIDEO)

With its unassuming facade, the Sutton Clock Shop on Manhattan's Upper East Side is one of those gems in a city that often goes unnoticed by passersby. But, from the moment you set foot inside the store you're immediately intrigued and struck by all the antique and vintage clocks that fill the shop. Even more amazing is the story behind the Sutton Clock Shop.

Coming from Denmark with his knowledge and skill for repairing clocks, watches and timepieces, Founder Knud (Kay) started a business in the U.S. during the late 1940s. Eventually he found a business partner and together they opened the Sutton Clock Shop at its current location in 1967. The shop is now run by Kay himself and his youngest son, Sebastian Laws, who learned all about the intricacies of clock repair over his father's shoulder growing up.

And Sebastian is definitely following dad's footsteps closely. He says, "Something about the ticking of a clock that is kind of like the heartbeat of a house. It just becomes a part of your life." And the collection of many different styles of clocks in the store is inspiring but also mind-boggling in a way. As Sebastion puts it, "Some of them go back to...I don't even know where they're from or why they're here."

However, it's thanks to small stores like the Sutton Clock Shop that make us realize and appreciate the craftsmanship that is often overlooked in the world -- like something as simple and impressive as clock repair.