03/05/2012 08:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Florence Welch's Style Icon: Batman? (PHOTOS)

When we say Florence Welch's style reminds us of Batman, we mean that in a good way. Because Batman is awesome.

The red-haired singer performed at Bournemouth this weekend wearing one of her typical cape-y ensembles: a flowy black and patterned cape over a tight black bodysuit and natch, bare feet.

Which isn't to say that Florence always makes like a sartorial superhero: last week she looked chic in this floral suit as she partied the night away; she's been known to rock a Balmain dress or two.

But the girl does love her dark capes, which makes us wonder... is she taking style cues from a certain comic book icon?

Although we're a little confused about which Gotham team Flo might be playing for: she's also not afraid to channel the Joker.