03/05/2012 07:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

An Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan: Bring Back The Old You To Complete That Comeback (PHOTOS)

Dear Lindsay,

Congrats on a promising start to your comeback. You did well on "Today," you did well on "SNL," but here's the critical part of that comeback: your style.

Seeing you back in the spotlight gets us thinking about the good old days. Your "Mean Girls" days. On-the-cover-of-"GQ"-at-18 days. You looked incredible. No one ever disputed that. With your red hair, freckles, healthy figure -- years before the scary weight loss, lip injections and community service -- you were essentially your best self. Life was good as a redhead. It's gotten more tricky as a blonde. 

We're rooting for you to succeed this time, so we have a suggestion: if you want your old career back, you should get your old look back.

As Matt Lauer said, you're staging "a comeback at 25." You're still insanely young, so there's plenty of time to right these wrongs. To go about it successfully, we have a few things in mind--style-wise:

Lohan nowadays; vintage Lindsay circa 2004 (Getty)

The hair: The platinum extensions have got to go; they age you well beyond your years. Ditch them, and get back to red. Even if you don't love your natural color, everyone else does. A lot. Plus, think of how amazingly it will pair with your new-found paleness (which we totally endorse). One thing you've done really right is ditch the bronzer.

Your face: All we want to do is reiterate how GOOD you USED to look. You nailed that fresh-faced look like few others could. Give it a rest with the false lashes and whatever else is going on there. Also, please stop covering up your freckles.

The clothes: Age-appropriate is the key here. Skip the "Real Housewives Of New York"-esque get-ups. Take some cues from ladies like Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth and Michelle Williams. They manage to always look great, but never in an aggressive, overdoing-it way.

Your body: The way you looked in "Mean Girls" -- totally hot, but healthy -- sent such a good message to girls and women alike. You made everyone remember that being a sexpot means not being too skinny. It set you apart in Hollywood. Bring it back.

Honestly, the easiest thing here is that it's not about reinventing yourself, but about getting back to the old you. Maybe 2004* you--which is perhaps the best you've ever looked--if we had to get specific. All that said, just do you. You got this.

*And if you need any reminders of good you looked in 2004, check out the gallery below.


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