03/05/2012 04:32 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Ryan Kitching, 19, Finds Winning Lottery Ticket After Cleaning Room (Video)

Never doubt the benefits of a good cleaning. Just ask 19-year-old Ryan Kitching, of Midlothian, Scotland, who found a winning lottery ticket while cleaning his room.

Kitching owes his fortunate find, in part, to his mother, Susan. She had been nagging her son to clean his room for weeks before Kitching finally buckled down to do the chore and unearthed 12 old lotto tickets. Instead of trashing them, Kitching said he had a strange feeling and later checked the tickets' numbers -- one of which won him ᅡᆪ52,981 (approximately, $83,900 USD).

"Next time she nags me to tidy my room I won't need telling twice," Kitching told The Telegraph. Don't mothers know best? If he had waited any longer, that winning lotto ticket could've been lost to the depths of random clutter piles, and subsequently, thrown in the trash.

And though you might not find a winning lotto ticket the next time you tidy up your room, Kitching's story shows the benefits of consistently cleaning your home. You may find valuables or lost items in the process, and at the very least, have an organized clean space, making everyday living easier and more comfortable. Perhaps you'll even find some change in the couch or a couple crumbled dollars in your pant pockets. Hey, it's something!