03/05/2012 06:46 pm ET

Student Falls Out Of Moving School Bus In China, Runs After It (VIDEO)

Mondays, right?

No one knows better than this poor kid in China. Watch as the unsuspecting student falls out the back of the moving bus, and then proceeds to run after it.

We hope whatever caused the back door to open has been fixed, yikes!

Though nowhere near the same level of danger, this video reminds us of the shocking video of possibly the world's most dangerous to-school commute from the foothills between China, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

The journey, totaling 120 miles, includes around 50 miles that cannot be access by moving vehicles -- at one point narrowing to a path of only a few inches about 1,000 feet above ground. Teachers escort the children through the dangerous terrain four times a year.

Last year, an SUV ran over a little girl in eastern China after she reportedly sat down in the middle of the street and threw a tempter tantrum. Amazingly, bystanders were able to lift the vehicle off the child. After a check-up at the hospital, the girl still went to school the same day.