03/06/2012 07:04 pm ET

Britney Spears Face Morph Video Shows Singer Through The Years (VIDEO)

Britney Spears has undeniably gone through some major changes since she first stepped into the spotlight as part of "The Mickey Mouse Club" in the '90s.

The pop star might have started out as an innocent school girl with her hit single "Hit Me Baby One More Time," but a few albums and one Kevin Federline later, Britney went through a rough patch that caught a lot of her fans by surprise.

But it was that phase, namely in 2007, that makes this face-morph video all the more entertaining.

YouTube user VJ4rawr compiled dozens of Britney images to create a disturbing compelling video that shows the singer's transformation over the past 30 years.

The clip has garnered nearly 120,000 hits since it was first posted on Feb. 19, and viewers have expressed a mix of shock and awe at the songstress' astonishing transformation. Some are even requesting face-morph videos for other stars like Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera. Yikes.

So, what's Brit up to these days? Last we heard, she and fiance Jason Trawick are enjoying their engagement, while juggling a lawsuit from former manager Sam Lufti.