03/06/2012 04:11 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2012

Georgia Students On Super Tuesday: Republican Newt Gingrich 'Has Too Much Baggage' To Take On Obama

ATLANTA — After a slow morning at the polls, things are finally picking up as the Super Tuesday action kicks into gear in A-town. Yes, former Peach State Congressman Newt Gingrich is expected to easily take the state, possibly his only win today, but that doesn't mean the other candidates aren't getting attention from voters too. Or that everyone is totally onboard with the Newt message.

The weather's warmed up, the Georgia Tech student center is jumping and the polling place right smack in the middle of it is ... still crickets. Every table in the Student Center food court is packed — and when I polled all the kids just steps away from the voting booths, most of them were either registered in their home counties, had already sent in their absentee ballots (props to these conscientious citizens!) or simply unaware that anything was going on.

So MTV's Powerof12 news team stepped outside to see what was going down in the quad and we ran into two cool coeds in spirited sweatshirts. Pals Thaddeus Johnson, 20, and Briana Brown, 22, agreed to a sun-dappled chat on what they're thinking about this Super Tuesday, how their parent's politics influenced them and why it's important for young people to exercise their power to vote. They also threw in on what issues are most important, and we learned that the duo has the same social pressure point, interestingly.

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