03/06/2012 03:19 am ET Updated May 05, 2012

'Hoarders': Anna And Her Sister Bernadette Nearly Come To Blows (VIDEO)

People who don't suffer from the mental conditions that lead to hoarding often struggle to be sympathetic to their hoarder loved one. People who are hoarders are never more on the emotional edge than when facing a clean-up. On "Hoarders" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on A&E), it was a little of both that led to a huge blow-out between Anna, her sisters and her daughter.

Anna's house was such a mess that she's been shutting the door on her family for years, even when her daughter Natasha was in need of a place to stay with her children. Things got worse when her sister Barbara and Natasha decided to break into the house to see what Anna was hiding. They discovered the hoard, but also got caught by the police. In her anger, Anna denied knowing them, leading to their arrest.

But it was another sister, Bernadette, who took the brunt of Anna's rage on clean-up day. Mainly because she took her own frustrations right to her sister, who did not like being challenged. It was everything Dr. Zasio and Matt Paxton could do to keep the women on track and working toward cleaning. At times their efforts resembled trying to control a room filled with toys and two-year olds.

But in the end, Anna started to realize what was more important, and perhaps more significantly, the timely intervention of Dr. Zasio in getting Anna and her daughter to talk started the family down a path of learning how to communicate in a more healthy manner. As such, the prognosis in closing for the family and their continuing clean-up efforts was quite positive.

The secondary story was an unusual case of a married couple, Claire and Vance, who hoard books. While Claire was on board with the process right away, Vance took a while to come around and spent much of the episode hiding behind sarcasm. But finally, he too realized what truly matters, and the couple was able to part with 2,500 or so books during the clean-up. The update suggested an additional 4,000 books had been gotten rid of, with perhaps more than 200,000 still to go.

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