03/06/2012 06:27 pm ET

Marilyn Walden, Tornado Victim, Reunited With Cat On Camera (VIDEO)

Victims of the tornado outbreak that tore across the midwest Friday were comforted by the story of one Alabama man's tearful reunion with his dog Coco.

Now, another emotional pet reunion has been caught on video, showing how Kentucky woman Marilyn Walden discovered her cat "Bear" after calling out to him across the debris that was once her home.

Walden was at work Friday when the tornado hit her town of Henryville, Ky., The Weather Channel reports. She was devastated to find the storm had ravaged her living room and collapsed most of her bedroom. But she was perhaps even more upset to find no sign of Bear.

In a Weather Channel video above, Walden calls out to Bear as she shifts through the damage. Then, finally, she makes a discovery that brings her to tears: Bear, alive and hiding under the bed, caked with dirt and debris.

It's not the first time weather reporters have caught heartwarming pet discoveries on tape. In 2011, CNN video crews filming the aftermath of dozens of tornados that ripped through Tuscaloosa, Ala., captured the reunion between Judy Pugh and her long-haired cat Katie, who emerged from beneath a collapsed wall.

“I have everything in the world now. I have my three cats,” Pugh told CNN reporters after picking up Katie and clasping her to her chest.

Watch the CNN footage of Pugh's reunion with Katie below: