Artist Brings Frogs Back To Life Through MIDI Control

By now, we all know that the only good zombie is a dancing one. The undead in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video easily topped the list for dearly departed choreography, until now... In a performance that rests somewhere between Frankenstein and break-dancing, artist Lu Yang demonstrates the potential of dead frogs on the dancefloor.

Yang controls the freakishly macabre dance line with a MIDI controller that she uses to send pulses of electricity through the lifeless amphibians. Yang triggers different sounds by hitting buttons on the controller, which then sets off a delightfully uncomfortable twitch from the frogs, creating a sight that will be forever seared into our memories. It's the worst 7th grade science class prank, finally realized.

The artist was one of eight selected for the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art's first large exhibition of 2012 and we're thinking that her piece, "Reanimation! Underwater Zombie Frog Ballet!" (subtle, we know) will make quite an impression. It's definitely not for the squeamish, but if you have an appetite for the strange and fidgety, then the above video is definitely for you.

What do you think, readers?