03/07/2012 11:32 am ET

Beef Straws For Bloody Marys: Genius Or Stupid?

Bloody Mary aficionados will say that there is nothing one can do to improve upon a classic Bloody Mary. Beef jerky aficionados will say otherwise, because now there is such thing as beef straws.

Benny's Blood Mary Beef Straws are pretty much exactly what they sound like -- beef jerky with a hole down the center, conceived by the brand's president Ben Hirko and designed by a mechanical engineer.

One hundred beef straws cost $97.95 but Bon Appetit reminds you that if you don't know 100 people that want to drink Bloody Marys with you, beef straws are all-purpose. "Tap water, Coca-Cola, whole milk, and even a fine red wine probably all gain a little extra oomph when you suck it through a beef straw." In fact, the company website boasts a recipe section for all your beef straw needs.

Benny's Blood Mary Beef Straws are made from 100% USDA beef.