03/07/2012 03:54 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2012

Kidney Transplant Recipient, Blake Jordan Pearce, Needs New Match After Donated Organ Tests Positive For Drugs, Alcohol

In 2007, Oklahoma resident Blake Jordan Pearce received his first kidney transplant. Days later, he became the only patient in the world to reject a transplant within two weeks: The kidney that had been donated to him had tested positive for marijuana, alcohol and cocaine, reports.

Now 17, Pearce needs another kidney transplant. Despite having a typically common O blood type, his age and the fact that his body has already rejected an O blood type kidney make his chances for a match about 2 percent. He and his mother Stephanie are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas, waiting for a miracle.

"Just watching him just fight to live is excruciating, it is," Stephanie told "You have a kid and its your heart."

To broaden the donor base, Stephanie is taking her son's fight to Facebook, where she created a page called Blake Jordan's Miracle. So far it has 2,200 likes, and she's hoping it might be the ticket to finding that rare match. But for now, the waiting game means clicking refresh.

"You just take it day by day," Blake told the news source, "and just hope that one day you'll get the call."

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To help find Blake a donor, go to his Facebook page: Blake Jordan's Miracle, and potential matches can contact the Children's Medical Center in Dallas.



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