03/07/2012 04:12 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2012

Fox News' Doug Luzader Has Awkward Dead Air Moment During Live Broadcast (VIDEO)

This post has been updated to correct earlier reports that Luzader was asleep.

Fox News' Doug Luzader was caught in an awkward moment during what was supposed to be an early morning report on Fox's Austin station, KTBC.

Luzader, reporting from Washington D.C., was supposed to provide viewers with an update on Super Tuesday results. Anchor Joe Bickett introduced Luzader but as the image turned into a split screen, Luzader was shown with his head down, not responding to Bickett's questions.

Bickett attempted to talk to Luzader more, calling out his name a few times. This proved to be a futile effort. "I guess not. We'll check in later," Bickett said.

The person who uploaded the video on YouTube initially said that Luzader had fallen asleep, something many media outlets, including HuffPost, repeated. Later, the user said that he was contacted by Luzader, who told him he was not asleep. Rather, his ear piece was not working properly.

Watch via The Daily What above.



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